So, over a year ago I made the conscious decision to take care of my body, particularly, be aware of what I eat.  I no longer drinks fizzy pops and haven’t had a caffeinated tea or coffee in over a year. I also visit the gym a lot more than I used to and mix my fitness regime with classes, swimming and gym sessions.  I still have the occasional week where I delve into unhealthy, sweet delights but generally I live a healthy-ish lifestyle and I have never felt better!  My top 5 healthy tips:

  1. Swap caffeine for herbal tea.  I drink green tea, cranberry tea and peppermint tea.  All have varying benefits, notably peppermint tea is ideal for after dinner as it aids digestion and if you suffer from IBS like I do, it definitely helps!
  2. Snacking.  If you’re going to snack, make it a healthy choice.  Fruit, nuts (as with everything some nuts are healthier than others), crudités, graze boxes etc.  If you can’t live without crisps, eat baked crisps.
  3. Portion size.  I used to eat until I felt like I couldn’t move and had a 10 month old food baby.  Eat smaller portions and little and often.
  4. Smoothies.  Juicing or smoothie making are a fun and healthy way to grab your 5 a day.  I generally make smoothies 2-3 times a week for breakfast or after the gym.  Fruits are naturally very sweet so I wouldn’t suggest having this everyday but juicing vegetables is another option.  For example, the smoothie I made today: handful of goji berries, 1 papaya, handful of cubed melon, handful of strawberries and a cup of cranberry juice.  Refreshing & packed full with goodness!
  5. Lastly, exercise.  Walk up the stairs instead of taking the lift.  Get off the tube a stop early and walk an extra 10 minutes to work.  Gym. Gym. Gym.  Put on a motivational soundtrack and work out and mix cardio with toning sessions.  Mix up your exercise regime and definitely try classes- Zumba is fab.  I don’t go to the gym to lose weight – if I did I would be tiny- but to feel healthy.  Make it enjoyable.

I am far from a health expert and these are just my tips to a brighter and healthier mind, body and soul.  A healthier lifestyle will make you more alert at work, feel energised and look brighter.  The weeks that I have fallen off the health wagon, avoided the gym and relied on comfort food, I have felt a noticeable decline in my energy levels and everything in general.  You will not see or feel a difference instantly and it will take time and effort but remember, a healthy body equals a healthy mind. So, find something that motivates you – perhaps it’s a summer holiday or feeling good about yourself – and most importantly, have fun along the way.

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