Month: May 2015

Wildfox Pink Backless Barbie 80s Swimsuit £116.00

One-piece Swimsuits

Swimsuits are perfect for almost all body shops, either hiding a multitude of sins by sucking in a few lumps and bumps or cut to show off your hard work in the gym! Either way, the swimsuit is a girls best friend. Here you’ll find a few I found earlier 🙂     Read more…

Boohoo seventies 70s style print off shoulder dress

What I wore in Santorini

  I bought this maxi dress from Zara last year but have only worn it once. It is a lovely light pale pink with a crochet neckline and slightly sheer lightweight fabric with a low back. I teamed it with a silver bindi and I kid you not, the amount of people that looked at […] Read more…