If you read my previous post you’ll know that I visited Zimbabwe in August to visit family and we could not make the trip without taking a short plane ride to Victoria Falls. It is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and is breathtakingly beautiful but unfortunately many British tourists avoid this natural beauty.

With political unrest and uncertainty portrayed in the media, I can understand why tourists may hesitate but I felt safe, comfortable and relished in the opportunity to wander around one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world and have it all to ourselves, almost.

First off we stayed in a pleasant hotel, in fact it was visually stunning with a wonderful refreshing pool, contemporary rooms and monkeys bouncing around the gardens. However, we experienced such terrible customer service that I will not mention the name here. Nonetheless, you’ll find a wide range of wonderful hotels in Victoria Falls of high quality at affordable prices. I had hoped to stay at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge but they were fully booked but do check it out, there is an onsite watering hole where animals meet for water throughout the day.

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Our hotel was located on the Zambezi River which gave way to magnificent sunsets each evening.

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Considered to be the largest fall in the world, Victoria Falls is a waterfall on the Zambezi River, sitting on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The only waterfall in the world with a length of more than a km. I have vertigo so I didn’t venture too close but there are safety barriers up to ensure you’re not dangerously near the edge – although be careful in some areas where you can walk off track a little with no safety precautions.

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The falls felt like a sheer curtain of mist enveloping a huge expanse of space, hidden behind the most magnificent rainbow.

victoria falls zimbabwe waterfall rainbow africaWe walked through Victoria Falls seeing only a handful of people, taking the time to appreciate this natural wonder in its full glory. I sat down on a bench at one point, with a refreshing spray cooling me in the afternoon heat and I meditated. Simply being mindful in the present moment was a calm, peaceful way to take it all in.

victoria falls zimbabwe waterfall rainbow africa

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I highly recommend Victoria Falls for families, couples or groups of friends – it would also make a fantastic stop on a multi-centre honeymoon. It is so easy to catch a short flight from South Africa or Harare in Zimbabwe and take a 5 minute taxi ride from a local hotel, which means you don’t necessarily need to book an expensive trip. Unless, for safety, you would prefer that option there are various day/overnight trips available form reputable travel companies.

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