10 things not to say to someone with hyperemesis gravidarum
Trying to make light of it all
After suffering with hyperemesis gravidarum throughout my first trimester and into my second, I have heard it all. Some useful but mostly stupid, unnecessary comments. 

Oh you’ve got morning sickness, I had that.

Hyperemesis gravidarum is not morning sickness, it’s an all-consuming, debilitating, horrendous and potentially life-threatening condition.

Try eat a ginger biscuit.

No, doesn’t work. In fact, most ginger biscuits are filled with artificial flavourings anyway.

Try eat crackers.

Again, it doesn’t stop the constant nausea and sickness. And many can’t keep a cracker down! What’s more, HG gives you a dry mouth and makes it hard to swallow even the simplest of foods. 

Make sure you eat.


Make sure you drink plenty of fluids.

Wow, thanks for that useful information, I’ll keep it in mind.  

You don’t look well, you look really pale.

Well yes, darling, hyperemesis gravidarum won’t make me a beauty queen anytime soon but thanks for pointing out the obvious. 

Oh, so you’re sick in the morning?

Nope. It’s a 24/7 thing. Hyperemesis gravidarum doesn’t schedule sick slots. 

Maybe try the medicine that Kate Middleton used? 


It won’t last long.

Well, let’s hope so. But it’s been 6 weeks so far, not that I’m counting. 

Wow, you’ve lost weight. Lucky you!

No, it’s unhealthy and I’m not lucky, you idiot. 


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