When it comes to dressing during pregnancy, my number one priority is comfort – especially in the Dubai heat. And to look cute. But comfort is up there! I’m not too concerned about finding actual pregnancy/maternity underwear right now as I don’t really need them just yet but I do need different types of pants and bras to what I normally wear. 

Dorina 2 Pack Sonia Lace Bralette black white lace bralet from ASOS pregnancy comfortable

ASOS Dorina 2 Pack Sonia Lace Bralette £18 – Link

During my first trimester and going into my second, my boobs hurt a lot. I’m tiny as it is but they’ve definitely grown along with all the unsightly veins, and they occasionally hurt a lot. As in don’t-come-near-me-no-hugs-nothing type pain. I’m in my second trimester now and they’re not hurting as much but still occasionally ache. I could probably get away with not wearing a bra under a few tops but I’ve found a bralette works really well – there’s no underwire, soft on the skin and still look lovely in pretty lace. So I’ve been wearing the Dorina Sonia Lace Bralette from ASOS. They cost £18 for two (black and white) and I’m pretty much wearing them as much as possible. While they aren’t specifically for pregnancy, I’ve found that they are really comfortable for my growing body! They are made from sheer lace, come with a stretch underband and adjustable bra straps. While I’m normally a size 8, I ordered them in size 10 and they fit perfectly. If you’re an A – C cup, I think they’ll fit but if you’re bigger than that, I’m not sure they’ll give you the support you need – still worth a worth a try though! I love them!

ASOS 3 Pack Basic Seam Free Thongs


ASOS 3 Pack Basic Seam Free Thongs – Link

Even though I lost a lot of weight in my first trimester, my hips just grew and got wider and grew and got wider. I searched for seam free pants that would feel lightweight without digging in as my hips got bigger! The ASOS Basic Seam Free Thongs are perfect! Firstly, these are as basic as you can get and literally look like they have been cut out from super soft fabric. But they are stretchy, so comfy and come in nude, white and black! They also do them in a brazillian pant rather than the thong which I’ll probably buy soon but the thong is perfect for summer dresses. 

I suppose as I go into the third trimester I may need actual maternity underwear but for now, the bralette and basic bitch pants are okay with me!





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