My last pregnancy update was almost a month ago and so much has happened since then – baby movements and most excitingly, we found out the gender!

How far along? I’m writing this at 21 + 6 so almost 22 weeks. 
Total weight gain: I’ve put on about 2kg since my last pregnancy diary post 4 weeks ago. It’s all in my hips, honestly, they have a mind of their own and just keep on growing. But I’m gaining weight and that’s the main thing! 
Bump: Baby is still very low and so my bump pretty much sits below my belly button. Speaking of belly button, it’s stretching so much and just looks stranger by the day. It’s like a big gaping hole in the middle of my belly. 
Maternity clothes? I spent 2 weeks in England and really struggled to find warm clothes that actually fit. I lived in sports leggings or simple jersey dresses. Back in Dubai it’s much easier walking about in floaty summer clothes for sure. 
Stretch marks? None on my belly yet, thankfully, but my hips are covered in them.  I’m still coating my body in coconut oil and have become quite religious about it. I’ve also been tempted to buy an indulgent, expensive cream but then the natural goodness of coconut oil keeps me loyal to it. 
Sleep: Back in the UK I slept early and woke up early. As in I was asleep by 10pm and woke up around 5am. Now I’m sleeping later and waking much later but mainly as baby loves to kick at night! 
Best moment this week: Baby moving non-stop (see below). But second to that, I had the most lovely dream about my late Grandad who was the closest I ever got to having a father figure in my life. In my dream we walked around his garden (which we always did) and he told me that I’m a kind person and I’ll be a good mum. I woke up a little emotional as I truly believe he is on this journey with me and I know how excited he would be. 
Miss anything? Red wine. 
Movement: Over the past week I’ve started to feel him properly move about without touching my belly and it’s the most surreal but special feeling. He’s very active at night and will play around, dancing, kicking, prodding for hours on and off. Last night (21+5), my husband placed his cheek on my bump and he literally felt our baby kick him. What can I say, my son has good aim 🙂
Food cravings: Nothing in particular, I’m just enjoying being able to eat again! I can’t wait to move into a house next week too as it means I can actually cook a normal dinner and start on my green juices. Oh I’ve missed them. I’ve also started drinking decaf coffee (possibly a mum thing, probably just cos it’s there in the hotel room) and I’m enjoying this guilty pleasure. In my teens I loved coffee, in my twenties I avoided it for health and vanity reasons, and now in my just-about-very-early-thirties, I’m back to wanting a mug of it now and again. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: My sickness has gone. Let me repeat that, MY SICKNESS has gone. Completely. See ya, hyperemesis. You cow bag!
Gender: It’s a boy!! And boy oh boy do we know it, he wasn’t afraid to show us at the last few scans. Of course it was a boy all along, it just feels so natural and right.  
Symptoms: Okay, if I’m going to be honest, infections and thrush. Yup, I said it. TMI but I have had both pretty much the whole pregnancy. I’ll also admit here that I’ve had the smallest speckle of blood twice now but I’ve seen my Dr and all is well, so I’ll leave it at that. I’ll admit that pregnancy isn’t easy and those episodes can be frightening but it’s reality baby! This week especially has been tiring and my body feels exhausted which is probably from a crazy busy few weeks back home and travelling. But I’m trying to take little naps when I can and rest as much as possible. I’ve also still got low abdominal pains and I don’t think they’ll go anytime soon – I’m carrying so low that he’s constantly pressing on my bladder and my muscles are stretching like never before. 
Belly button in or out? It’ an innie but widening, stretching, turning into a weird shape. 
Exercise: Swimming. I’m also booking yoga and possibly pilates so hopefully I can get back into a good routine sooner rather than later. My body feels like it needs a good stretch throughout the day so I’m trying to do a few yoga poses here, a little stretch there. 
Wellbeing:  I still listen to the calming meditation music I hope to use during a water birth and it completely relaxes me. I also travelled back to Dubai last week and surprisingly had no travel anxiety. So all in all, I’m feeling pretty good. I look crap but I feel happy and excited. 
Wedding rings on or off? On. 
Happy or moody most of the time: As above, I’m generally in a good mood most of the time. We’re moving house this week so it’s a little stressful but nothing this mama-to-be can’t handle! 
Looking forward to: Booking a hospital to give birth in. I’ll be getting a residency visa and medical insurance soon which means I can finally book a hospital for the birth. Yes, baby!  


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