I can’t believe I am 6 months pregnant, really, it feels like March was only yesterday. But here we are at 24 weeks pregnant with a bump to prove it. 

So, for fun and to amuse myself on this lazy Saturday morning, here’s 6 things I am loving about pregnancy right now.

That bump is so low!


I love my pregnant body. I love that it’s growing in all the right places, that this belly of mine just keeps expanding with a mind of its own, and that I have bigger boobs (added bonus). I think pregnant women look so beautiful and I’m embracing the changes. It’s nature at its best!


There is nothing in this world that compares to the feeling of my baby moving about in my tummy. He kicks, prods, turns – he has a dance party in there! He loves to kick his Daddy too, that wonderful son of mine 🙂 And it makes me emotional, happy and laugh all at the same time. All the feels.


Truly. I don’t know if I’m so obsessed with pregnancy and everything baby as I had a journey to get here but I truly appreciate it so much. I am so thankful for the chance to carry him that nothing else matters. He is a little miracle and I can’t wait to be his parent, to travel with him, to sit in bed on Saturday morning and eat breakfast together, to take him to football or tennis or basketball or dance or whatever he wants to do, to splash about in the pool, to go to the beach, to read books for hours. He is life. 


Now that hyperemesis has gone my appetite has well and truly come back and I’m eating like there’s no tomorrow. But I’m pregnant, I’m giving my body all those nutrients it lost and hey, I’m carrying a little one in there that needs feeding. I have zero guilt about a food baby or a bloated tummy as it’s an actual baby!


I must be one of the lucky ones (finally, something to be lucky about) but my hormones have never been so balanced. I did have a hormone imbalance before which gave me irregular periods and the mood swings to match but for some reason, pregnancy has changed all that. I’m still brutally honest and have zero patience for crap, that’ll never change. But I’m less of a worrier for sure. 


I get to spend my hard earned money on someone else instead of myself. How I got to this point is beyond me but I’m working to earn money for my son, not for clothes or makeup. It’s actually rewarding buying all my baby stuff, especially the pram, and I am so happy I bought that myself. My husband can buy things like the car seat but the fact that I’ve bought so much myself makes me happy. Okay, the actual act of shopping for a baby is pretty fun too!



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