The BabyBjörn Balance Bouncer was, without a doubt, one of our top buys for baby items! 

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Here is Henry lounging in his bouncer on the beach in the Maldives at 4 months old. He isn’t strapped in as we sat right next to him but of course, strap the baby in!
  • It’s an ergonomic bouncer so you know that your baby has the proper neck, back and head support.
  • As there is no mechanical mechanism rocking the baby, your baby learns to kick and move naturally. I loved this feature and I think it helped Henry become quite independent from an early age.
  • It’s fun for the baby! As they learn to move their legs, the bouncer gently moves with them. 
  • It can be used from birth to two years which is pretty amazing for a bouncer – the electronic rocking versions of a bouncer are normally only designed to be used up to 6 months. But with this bouncer, you can take the fabric off, turn it around and it becomes a seat for baby from 1-2 years. 
  • In the early months, especially from 3-8 months, we used it as a safe place for Henry to stay while we showered or if we were busy around the house. We also took it on holiday to the Maldives with us (it folds flat) and we always took it to the beach.
  • We have the mesh fabric style, which is incredible. It’s so breathable and lightweight and wipes clean. But I love it even more as you can easily unhook the fabric, put it in the washing machine for 15 minutes and it dries very quickly.
  • If you need to wean early (we did due to severe reflux), you need somewhere safe for your baby while you feed them puree. Henry couldn’t lift his head properly at this stage so it wasn’t safe to be in a highchair, so we would feed him puree in the bouncer (making sure it didn’t bounce, of course).

I would wholeheartedly purchase this bouncer again – although saying that, it looks brand new after a whole year of daily use so we wouldn’t need to buy another one. Henry is 14 months now and still loves sitting in it.

I’m not sure if the mesh fabric version of the BabyBjörn Balance bouncer is still sold (I did find it online from various stockists but not on their main website). But the soft fabric version can be found in John Lewis here for £109 – LINK. It is expensive but for daily use over 1-2 years, it is worth every single penny.

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