Inbal Dror 2015 Wedding Dresses

If you are a regular reader you will know how much I adore Inbal Dror. The bridal gowns are everything and more. I just spotted this beautiful short-sleeve, beaded lace dress on Pinterest and fell in love. Here are my absolute favourites from the 2015 collection: Read more…

Married Life as a Newlywed

I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve been asked how married life is. It is very much the same as before but completely different too. Firstly, we have been in a relationship for ten years and lived together for four. There are no new living habits or surprising guilty pleasures that have suddenly appeared. […] Read more…

Etsy Shop GlamorousBijoux – Vintage Inspired, Pearl Bridal Jewellery

When planning my wedding Etsy was one of my favourite places to look for inspiration – we even found my engagement ring designer on there!

GlamorousBijoux is the shop that I browsed the most; luxurious, romantic, vintage-inspired jewellery and accessories all handmade to order.

The pearl statement pieces will add instant glamour to a simple wedding dress while the delicate beaded headbands will compliment an elegant updo perfectly.  Read more…

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