Snüz SnuzPod 2 3-in-1 Bedside Crib white wood stylish modern co-sleeping removable sides fit sleepyhead

Baby Crib: Snüz SnuzPod 2 3-in-1 Bedside Crib vs Chicco Next To Me Crib to fit a sleepyhead

Cribs, moses baskets, cots; there are so many options and if I am honest, it’s a little overwhelming. I am almost certain my baby will sleep in a moses basket for daytime naps but I’ll use a sleepyhead for bedtime. With this, I need somewhere to actually put the sleepyhead that’s big enough, practical and […] Read more…

beach outfit inspiration espadrilles blue stripe shirt boho

Beach, please.

How apt is this blog post title? I actually couldn’t think of anything witty or informative so I left it at my favourite saying right now: beach, please.  I am a summer baby: I love the beach, getting dressed for the beach, lazing on the beach, splashing around in the sea, getting too hot on […] Read more…

Pregnancy gender prediction old wives tales girl or boy

Girl or Boy? Old wives tale experiment

Finding out the gender isn’t something I thought we’d do. If I conceived naturally, I definitely wouldn’t. The idea of a surprise after giving birth is magical and it would probably be the best surprise of my life.   As we had IVF it still doesn’t feel like it’s actually happening after the challenging journey […] Read more…

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