What are your experiences with the cosmetics industry?

What are your experiences with the cosmetics industry?
Aug, 2 2023 Beauty and Skincare Ryder Callahan

Peeling Back the Layers of the Cosmetics Industry

From the moment I wake up and comb my hand across my just-a-little-bit-too-scruffy beard, to the moment I press my lips to my dear Freya's forehead before we doze off, there's one constant in my life: cosmetics. Now, as a burly Glaswegian with an accent that sounds like a cement mixer on a gravel road, I'm not exactly your poster child for your high-end weepy mascara or your smell-like-a-blooming-garden body lotions.

I kid, of course. After all, I do find myself embedded in Freya's beauty routine almost every day, thank you very much. That inquisitive look I get whenever I stumble upon a new tub of wrinkle-fighting something or other in her bathroom is right up there with Alastair's when I explain the offside rule. Again.

Crossing Paths with the World of Beauty

My brush with the cosmetics industry isn't just a daily spectator event, mind you. We've had our tussles, our differences. Most notably, there was an incident involving a certain tube of concealer and an interview attire that Freya still likes to remind me of when she's in one of her cheeky moods. Let me tell you, smart business attire doesn't appreciate make-up as much as one's face does.

Yet, amid all these escapades there's an underlying depth, a seriousness to the beauty industry that we so often miss. After all, it isn't all tans and touch-ups, is it? No, beneath the glossy surface there's a well-oiled machine, with its gears turning and cogs whirring to produce the latest trends, techniques and there's-always-room-for-one-more products.

From Hobby to Full-Time Obsession

This self-inflicted immersion into the cosmetics industry hasn't just been a bunch of laughs and the occasional sigh of exasperation. No sir, it's a learning curve, a proverbial roller-coaster ride. I have found myself not only being Freya's chief tester, amongst other things, but also making it my personal mission to untangle the web of the skincare routine. I mean, how many layers can a face hold before it officially becomes a five-layered sandwich? The answer might surprise you.

That said, the buzz, the passion, the innovation, and the constant evolution of cosmetics are absolutely fascinating. The industry has come a long way from your basic lipsticks and nail paints to more diverse skincare, cover-up, and self-love-inducing products that seem to have no end in sight. Remember the days of simple compact powders? Yeah, those are gone, replaced by an alphabet soup of BB, CC, DD, EE creams that I still can't make head or tail of.

Investigating the Ingredients

Being privy to Freya's cosmetics casket, if you will, isn't without its silver linings I should add. My curiosity led me down fascinating rabbit holes into the world of ingredients and formulations. There you have it, fellows and lasses, Ryder's secret is officially out: I can tell you the difference between a retinol and a salicylic acid faster than I can the teams in the last World Cup.

The intricacy of product development, the hard-hitting impacts of chemical compositions, and even the ethical implications of sourcing materials, are all interlaced within the cosmetics industry. It's not just about looking the part; it's equally about a product's journey from conception to your bathroom cabinet.

Substance Over Style

So, does that stylish bottle of anti-frizz really make a difference? Well, it's a question for the ages, and like most things, the beauty industry too depends on substance over style. Sure, pretty packaging makes your bathroom shelf look like an art installation, but the real magic lies within the ingredients, customer experiences, and the product's overall impact on your self-esteem.

Every product has a story and a purpose. It's more than just being skin-deep; my personal experience has taught me that cosmetics can indeed promote a sense of self-care, a moment of solitude, and even a spirit of celebration. Freya's sparkling eyes when she uncorks a new perfume are evidence enough for me.

Musing Over the Economic Muscle

Now, pull up a chair folks, this one's a corker. Did you know that the global cosmetics industry is worth a whopping $532 billion? Yeah, you read that right; I didn't add an extra zero. Let that sink in for a moment. The economy of make-up, creams, lotions, and potions is more substantial than many countries' GDP. Pretty mind-boggling, isn't it?

Overall, my dalliances with the cosmetics industry have not been just about accidental concealer mishaps or tongue-in-cheek comments about the confusing world of beauty products. It's been about understanding the depths of an industry that is a constant presence in so many lives, my dear Freya included. After all, it's not just beauty but a bulky business, a bustling market, and of course, a bountiful collection of mind-boggling products that make the world just a little more beautiful, one moisturizer at a time.