OK, so lets go back to why I started blogging. I will be completely honest, I kind of had to do it. I took on a few editorial and PR work experience placements in 2008 and it was expected that any future employees worth considering, should have a blog.

So I started blogging. Probably only two or three times a year on anything and everything. But it meant I had an ‘online space’ where employers could see my writing and marketing skills in practice (SEO etc).

Then I really began to enjoy it. I wasn’t and I still don’t write to get likes or comments – I write for myself. It just so happens that now, even when I blog on average ten times a year, I have people reading my blog every single day! And this is mainly through SEO and keywords I put in the title, tags and links.

It’s good to know that although this blog is mainly for me to continue writing, people actually read it too. Shocking, I know.

So, as I have been pretty busy the last few months, I have a backlog of things I wanted to post.

Firstly, my Princess Jasmine outfit that I wore to a Halloween party this year.

Princess Jasmine Dress up Costume Outfit Fancy Dress Purple

Princess Jasmine is my fave Disney character!! I am in love with the exotic.

I found this outfit on eBay for a bargain £2.50. The waistband had no elastic so I simply stitched in some new elastic to create a tighter waist – added some big hair, Vita Liberata fake tan, gold jewellery and far too much eye makeup.

Princess Jasmine may be known for her turquoise blue costume but she did wear purple too. And purple is my colour. Blue? Less so.

I highly recommend looking on eBay for fancy dress costumes. You’re likely to only wear it once and with a little stitching here and sewing on a button there, you could have an outfit for only a few pounds.

Princess Jasmine DIY Fancy Dress Outfit Costume Halloween Purple

2 comments on “Why Blog? And… Princess Jasmine Style Fancy Dress”

  1. I love the fact that you are not a “competitive” blogger, and you just blog for your own satisfaction. The fact that you have a steady stream of readers validates this approach.

    Love your jasmine outfit btw – you look fantastic!


    • Thanks Paul. I think when you write for yourself, rather than others, you feel less pressured about what you have to post about. Makes it that little bit more fun 🙂 Hope you’re well x

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