Clarins beauty flash balm review

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm Review

I start each year pinning beauty items to a ‘wish list’ beauty board on Pinterest. They’re normally products that have taken my fancy, cost a lot and I can’t justify buying straight away – so I leave them there and if I still want them later on, I can get them. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm […] Read more…

chinese acne face map blemishes spots how to see location what it means inside body

Face Map for Blemishes – How the location can show us what is going on inside our body

I’ve been suffering with the worst skin I’ve ever encountered in, oh I don’t know, over ten years. Fortunately I know what triggers breakouts on my skin from blemishes to redness and uneven skin tone, and this Chinese Medicinal Acne Face Map only confirmed it. It’s so interesting to see how the location of blemishes/spots/acne […] Read more…

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