When it comes to face creams I need the consistency to work for both my oily t-zone and my dry forehead and neck; it’s never a simple task but I think I have found a solution.

The area around my hairline is very dry and the area around my nose and mouth is very oily, thus it’s a nuisance finding products that will work wonders at moisturising some areas while not causing a lovely greasy shine in others.

My answer has been the Eucerin Replenishing Night Face Cream for Dry Skin. I’ve dabbled in night creams before but this is the first I invested my time in and have built a loving relationship with. I only apply to my forehead, cheeks and chin. And it works. There’s nothing technical here, I’m simply applying the ‘dry skin’ product to the dry skin areas and avoiding the oily parts. It’s also not a particularly fancy brand with glamorous packaging but it is a brand that targets specific skincare problems with honest, science-based solutions. What I mean is if you strip away the packaging, scent, celebrity endorsements etc, the products actually work; Eucerin is not a company that promotes and sells the brand, the whole range of products sell themselves.

Eucerin Dry Skin Replenishing Face Night Cream - 5% Urea 50ml

There is probably a good combination night cream out there but I love the Eucerin Night Cream for so many reasons:

  • The texture is seriously thick and feels incredibly moisturising
  • It makes my face glow all fresh, healthy and radiant
  • I often find my skin feels tight but this fixes that within minutes. I kind of do my own version of face yoga after applying this and it feels all flexible again
  • It’s an intensive treatment and feels like it’s working some kind of magic on my skin
  • No fragrance or colourants have been added to minimise allergies and skin irritation

It’s also so affordable at £11.50 for 50ml, currently £7.66 in the sale! Bargain beauty buys that actually work, what’s not to love?

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