Lakshman Sagar is without doubt the most incredible, beautiful, relaxing hotel I have ever had the pleasure of staying in. I know that is quite a remarkable statement to make but I honestly felt a million miles from reality there, it is breathtakingly beautiful.

lakshman sagar review rural rajasthan simple mindful luxurious rustic hotel private plunge pool

Lakshman Sagar is part of the Sewara Slow Living group, a secluded resort set around a private lake and a 19th-century hunting lodge in Raipur, rural Rajasthan.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate this extraordinary swimming pool, cut out from the side of a mountain. It doesn’t get better than this.

lakshman sagar review rural rajasthan simple mindful luxurious rustic hotel private plunge pool mountain swimming pool

With 12 beautiful cottages spread over 32 acres along a man-made lake, each mud and stone cottage offers privacy in a stunning, serene setting. Influenced by indigenous Rajasthani architecture, the rooms are designed with luxurious simplicity in mind; striking designs coupled with quaint, rustic touches. The private plunge pools offer spectacular views of the lake where you’ll hear all kinds of birds and see wildlife rustling around in the trees. I spent hours lounging on the day beds reading a book, having a little snooze and cooling off in the pool; blissful living.

The cottages are also quite large and come complete with a rustic bathroom and a bright lounge area with views over the lake. It is the perfect setting to relax, reconnect and just live in the moment.

We stayed in Room 5 which I highly recommend as it’s not too far from the restaurants but offers privacy in the perfect little setting. You’ll need to walk down steep steps to reach the cottages so it’s probably not best for children or those with disabilities.

The resort has been designed around Mardana and Zanana, the two restaurants designed in keeping with the history of the male/female hunting lodge. The design of these two restaurants are out-of-this-world gorgeous with striking colours, adorable bohemian-inspired touches and a fabulous roof terrace. I could live in the female hunting lodge and be perfectly happy. Think Pinterest-worthy interiors and you’ll get the picture.

The resort follows a simple living ethos but offers a range of activities and excursions if you wish to move away from the comfort of your private cottage. A few of the activities include a field breakfast, horse safari, fishing, star-gazing, cooking classes, pottery classes, jeep safari and liquor tastings. A few of these are free while others are paid for experiences.

It’s the customer service that really sets this hotel miles apart from others. All staff members are genuinely happy to serve you and while always attentive, it’s never intrusive. Lakshman Sagar has found the perfect balance of mindful living in a vacation setting.

We took part in the field breakfast which is a free activity. At 8am we walked with the naturist to a local home where they put together a wonderful spread and we enjoyed a traditional Rajasthani breakfast. The hotel also offers a sundowner each evening by the lake with a bonfire, drinks and local music before dinner

The food, oh that glorious food. The food was incredible and so full of flavour, all typical Rajasthani cuisine with a modern twist. The lunch is vegetarian thali and the dinner a set 5-7 course affair – all equally amazing and slightly different so you wouldn’t get bored of the dishes served.

There is an onsite spa where you can indulge in a few treatments. I had the aloe vera gel applied to my hair which admittedly was a little difficult to take out (think gunk and more gunk) but left my hair soft and thick. You’ll also find rose water and an exfoliation powder in your bathroom, mix together and you have a wonderful face mask!

As you can see from the above photo, Lakshman Sagar has won a number of awards and it’s easy to see why. The whole experience has left me with happy memories and eager for more – it’s a hotel I will return to in the future.


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