If you have had IVF, you will know that they often tell you not to test until 14dp5dt. Like that is going to happen! Infertility is an emotional journey and peeing on that stick can result in a thousand different feelings – I spent a lot of money on pregnancy tests over the last few years even though I knew it would be negative. This time was obviously different and a completely new experience, thanks to IVF. We went abroad for IVF and it was the best decision!! 


Mother’s Day 2017 and 4dp5dt, I tested. At only 4 days after embryo transfer there was a very high chance it would be far too early to tell me anything but I tested anyway…and I got a negative at first morning pee with a Clear Blue pregnancy test.

I didn’t believe it, something told me I was pregnant, and I knew First Response was much more sensitive so I made my husband go buy a First Response and there it was, a faint positive!!!!!!! Honestly, I can’t even describe the feeling, we were both so happy. It felt like a dream and from that moment on, I couldn’t stop touching my belly. This was so much more than having a baby, we want a family more than anything. 


I tested and got a BFP the day before, you didn’t think I would stop there did you? No chance. I got an even stronger positive line on the First Response at 5dp5dt at 6am!


I woke up early again to test and did a Clear Blue which had the faintest line, it was hardly visible. We both felt deflated so I drank some more water, went to Boots for more tests and used another First Response. It was positive! 


I wasn’t messing around 7dp5dt. I woke up and used the Clear Blue digital – it said 1-2 weeks pregnant. This was the moment it became real for us, actually seeing those words ‘pregnant’ felt like we had won the lottery. It was a magical moment. 


I didn’t test again for a few days as I knew I was pregnant… until 10dp5dt. A Saturday morning before my husband was off to play footy and this time it was another Clear Blue digital test. It said 2-3 weeks pregnant!!! By now I was technically 4 weeks pregnant and it confirmed it for us, this is happening. 

I highly recommend the First Response pregnancy tests – the normal Clear Blue test didn’t pick anything up for me. The Clear Blue digital did at 7dp5dt but I am not so sure that it would have said ‘pregnant’ if I had used it earlier.

I am writing this post at 14dp5dt and I am the happiest mama-to-be in the world!! 

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