Nausea. This week it has definitely hit me in full force. Before I was pregnant I took a bit of an airy fairy view on pregnancy sickness – oh, if I ever get it I’ll just drink ginger tea and it’ll go away. Ha, if only.

I literally feel nauseated all day, it just lingers. But i’s also specific foods making me feel worse. Last week it was marmite that made me want to vom as soon as a had a mouthful and this week it’s greek yogurt. My beloved greek yogurt. I’m new to all this so still trying to find a way around it… for now my diet consists of bread and pasta. 

The fatigue continues, that’s pretty consistent, and I’ve occasionally felt quite dizzy. The low abdominal cramps are still there and at times have scared me into thinking something was wrong. The difficult thing is, I don’t have anything to compare it with – I haven’t ever been pregnant before. Is this twinge normal? Or is that cramping supposed to feel like that? I have tried to stop checking symptoms on Google and brought my early scan forward so this will hopefully give us some peace of mind.

We’ve both agreed that we didn’t expect this – we assumed that once we found out we were pregnant, the worry and waiting would stop. Don’t get me wrong, we are so excited and happy… but we are both cautious and need that scan to tell us it’s all okay for us to fully accept what is happening. The funny thing is, we don’t even know what could be wrong but it’s the possibility of it not working. I don’t really hear women talking about this or discussing it but I’ll say it here: there is always the fear that something may not go to plan.

While waiting for my embryo transfer at the fertility clinic, I spent quite some time speaking to a lady that had successfully fell pregnant through IVF last year but she sadly lost the baby. This coupled with the fact that my GP told me not to schedule my appointment with him until after my first scan in case ‘it didn’t work’ is definitely on my mind. 

We pray, we wait and we hope. 



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