I’ve spotted bohemian label Ellen and James on Instagram a few times and was excited to see that they’re actually on Etsy. There’s something about buying a handmade item on Etsy that makes me happy – we even found my engagement ring designer and wedding ring seller on there!

Take a look at the shop here – you’ll find beautiful crochet beachwear, woven basket bags and cotton canvas pillows. I love the earthy, effortless vibe and natural fabrics; it’s that grown-up, boho glamour that I adore. What’s more, they are based in Indonesia, how fitting. 

A few of my favourite pieces:

Ellen and James Black round basket bag , black round ata bag, black round shoulder bag boho boheme luxury handwoven ibiza accessories

This round black basket bag is handwoven, features leather clips and batik lining – £59.97.

ellen and james Small Mail basket bag, small woven Ata bag, small rattan basket bag handwoven blogger instagram boho luxury ibiza style

You may have seen this cute small basket woven Ata bag on Instagram, favoured by many bloggers. Again it has the leather strap and batik lining, but also a pretty bow clasp – £43.98.

Crochet Crop top, beach crop top, crochet boho top cotton white ibiza boho style beachwear

The handmade crochet crop top is gorgeous – it’s also made from 100% cotton and has cute frill shoulders – £39.18.

Handmade crochet clutch bag with detailed pattern shell and fringe detail and zipped closure

There’s nothing more perfect than a crochet clutch bag for the beach. The fringe and shell detail combined with a cotton crochet cover make it super adorable –  £39.18.

ellen and james blogger Triangle basket bag, triangle Ata shoulder bag, rattan shoulder bag

This triangle rattan shoulder bag is a little bit different but just as easy-to-wear – £51.98




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