I’ve read a fair amount of pregnancy blog posts over the last few years and loved reading the pregnancy updates in the style of a record/journal book. But I still haven’t found an actual record book to physically write in that I love. They all seem so ‘babyish’ and too cutesy when all I want is a simple book to keep track of my pregnancy journey. 

So, I’ve collated a few headings from other blogs and created my own record structure. I’ll try update this once a month as it’ll be so lovely to compare for future children.

Second Trimester Pregnancy Record: 18 - 19 Week Update bump photo

How far along? 18-19 weeks. 
Total weight gain: I have no idea how much weight I’ve gained since the start of pregnancy. Before IVF I weighed just under 9 stone, then due to hyperemesis at 12 weeks pregnant I was just over 7.5 stone. Now I’m weighing around 8 stone so I’m slowly putting on weight. I’ve only just been able to start eating ‘properly’ so hopefully those numbers go up and up soon! 
Bump: It’s getting hard and firm to touch. I don’t think it’s getting ‘bigger’ as such but in the last week or two I’ve filled out at the top of the bump so that it’s becoming fuller all over, rather than a low bump. 
Maternity clothes? Living in Dubai the last 7 weeks has been amazing as I live in bikinis and pyjamas or I literally walk around naked. No shame. (Disclaimer: We’re on the 41st floor with tinted windows). I have started wearing bralettes instead of a bra though as all my bras are too tight! And I find loose clothes far more comfy than anything tight on my belly. 
For now I’m mainly wearing floaty dresses to the beach and pool. If I’m going to the mall I try to be a little more conservative, common sense prevails here, and wear the one pair of maternity trousers that I own. 
It’s all about comfort – especially in 43 degrees! 
Stretch marks? I’ve always had stretch marks on my thighs, those chunky things. And they’ve definitely multiplied, increased in size and become more visible. On the belly I’m doing okay. I massage coconut oil on my bump, bum, back and boobs every night.  
Sleep: Generally I’m sleeping well and getting at least 6-8 hours a night, plus an hours nap a day. This past week has been different as I’ve suffered with an infected and impacted wisdom tooth that has put me through hell. I’m hoping my sleep pattern goes back to normal in a day or so! 
I’ve also been sleeping on my side and can feel a heavy weight resting on the mattress. That’ll be the bump.
Best moment this week: We both felt baby move at the same time which was amazing. Priceless. When he feels baby it makes it so much more real for him and for that, it’s better than any other feeling. 
Miss anything? I know I should say no to this and that I’m far too grateful to be pregnant to not miss anything blah blah blah…but honestly, I miss red wine. Cheese and smoked salmon as well. I’ve thought about a glass of red wine far too many times. 
Movement: When I touch my belly and wait for baby to react, I can feel something. What that something is I can’t tell you but it’s like a prod, not quite a kick, but movement. It normally happens after I’ve been swimming or when I change position in bed. Baby is also much more active at night. 
Food cravings: This week I’ve craved a roast dinner. My first real pregnancy food craving was a Christmas dinner and even thinking about it gives me butterflies. Juicy peaches, ice cold drinks and hash browns. Anything Italian too. To be honest, I’m craving all kinds of foods as I haven’t eaten properly in 4 months! FEED ME IT ALL! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: I still have a gag reflex from hyperemesis so brushing my teeth makes me want to vom – but it’s getting much easier! Yesterday walking into a pharmacy, the strong disinfectant type smell turned my stomach too. I can’t comment on food smells as I’ve spent the past week in bed in wisdom tooth hell but the nausea is a million times better than it was a few weeks ago. Yes!!! 
Gender: I’ve booked a gender scan at the same place I had a fertility test. That day I had the test I was very emotional sitting in the waiting room surrounded by couples finding out the gender and so it seems quite fitting to go full circle and go back there to find out ourselves. We are both very excited and genuinely have no idea if it’s a boy or girl. I mean, I know we wouldn’t know for sure but we actually can’t even make a guess. One day I’ll be certain it’s a boy, the next I’ll refer to baby as her. 
Symptoms: Low abdominal cramps come and go. One surprising symptom this week is teeth problems (apparently common in pregnancy). Veiny boobs. Headaches. Forgetting the wisdom tooth drama, I’d probably feel good. Hyperemesis has almost gone too and I could not be happier about that.
Belly button in or out? In still but last night I noticed how I can see right inside, it’s stretched so much! Mind blown. 
Exercise: Swimming! My gosh it feels so good to be swimming and actually working my muscles in what seems like forever. I swim for 30 minutes 3-4 times a week and tend to start slow, getting faster for an actual work out. I love it so much. I’ve also started practicing yoga in the pool, mainly just stretching for now but I feel supported in the water. Itching to get in the gym and do some weight training so I’m working on my strength with swimming before I embark on anything more adventurous. 
Wellbeing: There’s this one meditation orchestral soundtrack that I’ve used for years. I listen to it in the bath and occasionally when I work, sometimes to meditate, but mostly just as relaxing background music. Anyway, it always brings me to the present moment, completely relaxes me and leaves me feeling calm. I’ve listened to this throughout my pregnancy so far as I want the baby to recognise it and associate it with relaxing in water – ready for what I hope will be a water birth. Another thing I’ve found is that my hormones are so much more balanced as a pregnant woman. I feel in control and ready for this journey.
Wedding rings on or off? On and a little too loose at that! 
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy. So happy inside… but having to search for an emergency dentist for the first time in my adult life with horrendous wisdom tooth pain (along with swollen glands, sore throat, fever and earache) has put a bit of a downer on the week. Then the dentist wanted to do surgery while I’m awake with no pain meds. Thankfully I went to a Dr who prescribed antibiotics for the infection and I don’t feel so terrible now but it was a painful few days. 
Physically my body is drained. It’s gone through a nasty bout of flu at the start of the year, IVF, hyperemesis, drastic weight loss, moving country and an infected wisdom tooth all in the space of 6 months. So all in all, I’m tired. 
Nonetheless, I’m in that blissful mama-to-be phase. Searching baby stuff makes it that much more exciting too. I mean, I still can’t believe I’m going to have a child, a little human to keep alive. On that note, I need to find a ‘parenting class’ asap.
Looking forward to: Finding out the gender! We’re flying home to Cambridge this week so I get to collect the many, many parcels of baby kit I’ve ordered, not to mention seeing everyone I love. And eat a huge roast dinner!





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