Barre workouts intrigue me with the combination of dance-inspired ballet positions and components of yoga and pilates. It’s a great workout for a stronger core, better posture, leaner muscles and balance – I’ve become a Barre fan!

You don’t need ballet experience as you certainly won’t be doing any pirouettes and all you really require is a chair (unless by any chance you have a ballet barre at home). I follow the below video by Sleek Technique which is easy to follow and manageable while still pushing your fitness. It’s so wonderful to try something different but not entirely so; it reminds me of a yoga class recently where we used a chair with very similar positions.

You’ll feel the burn, particularly at the start, but that’s what’s so great. It actually works! When you hear the word pulse, just think of those muscles working their magic!!

Try it, I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as me!

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