Finding out the gender isn’t something I thought we’d do. If I conceived naturally, I definitely wouldn’t. The idea of a surprise after giving birth is magical and it would probably be the best surprise of my life.
As we had IVF it still doesn’t feel like it’s actually happening after the challenging journey to get here and I think finding out the gender will just confirm it for us. It might sound silly but we’ll know if we are having a son or daughter, not just an IVF baby. I’ve read a few stories from other women in the same situation that had similar sentiments. 
We’ll be finding out the gender in a few weeks so I thought it would be fun to see what those old wives tales say – and then which one is right! 


Pregnancy gender prediction old wives tales girl or boy success results
My baby bump!

Pregnancy glow? Girl 

I read that if you glow, it’s a boy, and if you don’t, it’s a girl. I’m definitely not glowing right now but I hope I do soon!!! 

Wedding Ring Test: Girl

They say that if you tie your wedding ring on a string and hang it over your belly, the movement predicts the gender. If it swings in a circular motion, you could be having a girl, but if it’s swinging side to side, it means that you’re having a boy. Mine was swinging in a circle.

Clumsy vs Graceful: Boy

Apparently if a pregnant lady is clumsy, she’s having a boy. Whereas if she’s graceful, it’s a girl. I’ve got bruises all up my legs – clumsy alright! 

Morning Sickness: Girl

It’s quite well-known that morning sickness could indicate that you’re having a girl. I had it bad, in fact, I’ve suffered with hyperemesis gravidarum. This is the main reason I thought I was carrying a girl at the start! 

Hair on legs: Boy

Strange one but another tale is that if the hairs on your legs grow rapidly, it could be a boy. I’m a hairy Mary, it seems like it could be a boy. It could also mean that I’m just another Cypriot girl, but you know, let’s go with it.

Hair: Girl 

If your hair becomes limp and dull, you’re having a girl; if your hair gets thick and glossy, you’re carrying a boy. Mine is dull, dry and disgusting right now. 

High or Low: Boy

So this is the reason I now think I could be carrying a boy. According to many, a low belly means it’s a boy and a high belly, a girl. I’m carrying very low.  
My final guess is that it’s a boy!!! A baby boy! Actually more people than not think it’s a boy, except my Nan, who sees a girl! My Mum still thinks it’s twins as we had 2 embryos put back and on our first scan it looked like 2 sacs. This is common in IVF and maybe one of the embryos didn’t quite implant (which in a way is sad when you think about it but the positive is that we put 2 back and 1 has implanted – hallelujah). I am almost certain it’s one baby after a further 3 scans. 
We also actually had another scan yesterday and the gynaecologist thought she could see something but wasn’t entirely sure. The fact that she thought she could see something tells me it could be a boy. 
Either way, I’m so happy and haven’t gone into this hoping for a specific gender. I’m hoping for a healthy, happy little one. Let’s wait and see! 







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