Week 7 started with my booking appointment and my GP telling me, politely, that I look crap. Actually he said I look ‘drawn and tired’ but I know he thought I look shit. I really do look shit. I looked in the mirror today (7 +1) – firstly, get me with the pregnancy week dates in digits – and was quite shocked at how terrible I look. 

I don’t feel tired actually, or maybe the nausea is overshadowing everything as it’s certainly controlling my life right now. Think can’t-get-out-of-bed level of craziness nausea or imagine having the worst hangover 24/7. I feel nauseous every second of the day and have to spend pretty much most of the time in bed or on the sofa. 

My body is so very weak with no energy. I am trying to eat something, anything, morning and night – my diet right now consists of cereal for breakfast, crackers or bread for lunch and then potatoes for dinner. It’s probably 1/4 of the calories I normally eat and I am losing weight quite quickly. I lost over half a stone in 10 days which for someone quite petite, is not good.

I have tried everything and nothing seems to help the nausea. 

Ginger tea didn’t work.
Sea sickness wrist bands didn’t work.
Ginger biscuits definitely didn’t work.
Sucking on mints and hard boiled sweets didn’t work.
Anything citrus didn’t work. 

My GP suggested I try medication but he also advised that it’s best not to take anything in the first trimester. I will wait another week, until the start of week 8, to see if I improve. But my goodness, I really do hope it goes away soon as I don’t think my body can take another 7 weeks of this. Moaning Minnie *but so so thankful* is signing off! 

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