I can’t start this post negatively like the others so I want to start with how amazing it feels to have this baby growing inside me. It’s honestly the most special feeling and seeing my husband get so excited and talk to my belly already just melts my heart.

On another positive, I am getting used to the nausea now. It’s still horrendous but I feel like it’s less of a shock to my body! I’ve worn the sea sickness bands, definitely a placebo, but I’m trying them. I’ve also forced some food down but I’ve brought up bile a few times as there is just nothing in my belly.

A few other symptoms this week:

  • My normally manageable asthma has got a little worse and I find I get out of breath quite quickly which is very unusual for me 
  • My hips have definitely increased in size, or widening a little, which is strange considering I have lost so much weight
  • I am constantly tired but moving country and working means I have little time for rest!
  • My mood has been a little low. I think I’m just so over feeling shit!
  • The vivid dreams continue! 

I paid for another scan this week which was so lovely to see the baby forming into, well, more of a baby shape! I also tried that old wives tale of a wedding ring on string over the belly – it says it’s a girl! I’m happy with either but part of me does think it could be a girl. 

I want to add a disclaimer here: While I am so fortunate to be pregnant and thank my lucky stars each day, I am trying to be real and honest with documenting my first trimester. It hasn’t been particularly easy and I’m sure a lot of women go through it but rarely talk about it. The funny thing is, I never even considered morning sickness (especially 24 hours a day) and just assumed I would breeze through pregnancy. IVF was far easier than this for sure!

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