How apt is this blog post title? I actually couldn’t think of anything witty or informative so I left it at my favourite saying right now: beach, please. 

I am a summer baby: I love the beach, getting dressed for the beach, lazing on the beach, splashing around in the sea, getting too hot on the beach, and finally those glorious post-beach naps all sandy and stuff. 

To finish the long weekend off we popped to Secret Beach (we love it, it’s our fave) for the morning. 

beach outfit inspiration espadrilles blue stripe shirt boho

Anyway, here is what I wore:

  • ASOS black tie leg espadrilles – link
  • River Island denim cut-offs 
  • H&M blue stripe shirt
  • Mango bag
  • Oversized round sunglasses – I don’t know, I think Forever 21 from years ago

I kid you not, that hat is from Carrefour. I needed a hat desperately and couldn’t find one I liked so after throwing peaches and watermelon in the trolley, in went the most basic-sun-paper-straw-type-hat-thing. Anyway, it cost next to nothing and is doing the job until I find one I love.

Those denim shorty shorts too. They are, wait for it, 12 years old! I bought them as boyfriend jeans when I was 18 and, ahem, slightly curvier. So they are a few sizes too big now but fit perfectly under my bump! I’ll never throw them away, ever.

As you can tell, at the moment I am just wearing whatever fits me. It also doesn’t help that I gave away 75% of my wardrobe before coming to Dubai so I really need to do some serious shopping! 

black open toe espadrilles tie laces asos comfortable
ASOS JUMP IN Tie Leg Espadrille

Moving on… I saved these ASOS black tie leg espadrilles in my ‘saved items’ for weeks before they eventually came back in stock. They are only £16 and are actually really comfy. I love the suede upper and peep toe too, super cute.

beach outfit inspiration espadrilles blue stripe shirt boho

And here I am trying to look all nonchalant and cute. I’m wearing a Forever 21 smocked bikini (I blogged about them here), which I love. It’s mint green, makes me look like I have boobs (thanks to pregnancy for once I actually do) and has a pretty criss cross back that gave me awkward tan lines but….cute.

I clearly filtered the crap out of this photo as I’m experiencing what is commonly known as the pregnancy mask. Yup, blotchy skin on my face, chest and a little on my arms. Anyway, filters are giving me life right now! 

PS: In that photo my bump looks non-existent. I’ve figured this out: if I sit up straight (see gynaecologist, I’m working on my posture), the bump is tucked in. If I stand up, belly looks huge. The ponderings of a pregnant girl. 








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