Baby Bazaar is a monthly market where you can buy used baby clothes, equipment and maternity items from other mums in Dubai. After spotting them on Instagram, or maybe it was Facebook, we ventured to our first Baby Bazaar last weekend. 

Baby Bazaar Market where to buy used second hand baby maternity clothes equipment toys dubai

I’m not a snob when it comes to buying preloved items, especially when babies outgrow clothes fast and the cost of anything in Dubai is far higher than the UK (except petrol, taxis and diamonds). I’m also up for saving some money after the ridiculous amount I’ve spent on baby stuff so far! It helps that the Baby Bazaar is packed with mums selling really good quality items, from books and toys to baby grows, sleepsuits and everything in between. I spotted a few carriers, quite a lot of adorable shoes and plenty of basic baby clothes. 

I picked up a bag full of baby grows for the equivalent of £20, when 3 of them I was actually planning on buying from Next for around the same price. And they’re almost brand new quality! I was hesitant at first, buying used baby clothes from people I don’t know, so I only went for items in almost new condition and will give them all a good wash first… but it was a start 🙂 

Starting at 9am, we got there early and it was already quite busy with a fair few stalls and even more shoppers – I was expecting more stalls but this could be that it’s still summer. It goes without saying but dig around the baskets of clothes and you’ll find some gems, hidden amongst a few soiled items, but that’s expected. I also loved the book stall and plan on going back just for that! On the whole, there was a good selection of quality baby clothes from newborn to toddler age, books, toys, mum products and some brand new items too.

And the best thing about it? They’re on once a month so you can visit a few times and probably find different sellers each time. 

It works the other way round as well, if you’re a mum in Dubai with bags of baby kit you just can’t store anymore, it’s a good chance to make some extra space and get some dhs in the process. It’s fun too, did I mention that?

Anyway, you’ll find further info, dates and locations here:

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