Baby Crib: Snüz SnuzPod 2 3-in-1 Bedside Crib vs Chicco Next To Me Crib to fit a sleepyhead

Cribs, moses baskets, cots; there are so many options and if I am honest, it’s a little overwhelming. I am almost certain my baby will sleep in a moses basket for daytime naps but I’ll use a sleepyhead for bedtime. With this, I need somewhere to actually put the sleepyhead that’s big enough, practical and visually okay looking. 

There are three determining factors on what type of crib I’ll need:

  1. Breastfeeding. I’ve been told I may not be able to breastfeed due to my hyperprolactinaemia but I’m hoping and praying I can. Therefore I need a crib that offers easy access to baby for late night feeding! It would be great if I can do this with minimal fuss so as not to cause too much unnecessary noise and movement for baby. 
  2. Co-sleeping. My husband isn’t keen on this idea, which I completely understand for a number of reasons: the fear of safety, mummy and daddy still need to be a couple and not bringing up a clingy baby that needs to be in bed with us all the time. I’m undecided and still think it would be lovely to co-sleep so I think a crib that has a zip-down side wall will provide a safer alternative, while still being close enough to me to feel like I am kind of co-sleeping.
  3. I intend on using a sleepyhead which must be able to fit in the crib safely and comfortably. 
  4. An added point for fun: I also would love to be able to use the crib again for future children which means it needs to be of a high quality, sturdy and long lasting. 

I’ve narrowed it down to three options:

  1. Snüz SnuzPod 2 3-in-1 Bedside Crib
  2. Chicco Next To Me Crib
  3. John Lewis Anna Swinging Crib

Ever the planner-researcher-control-freak-girl that I am, I’ve researched all three options a lot. 

Snüz SnuzPod 2 3-in-1 Bedside Crib white wood stylish modern co-sleeping removable sides fit sleepyhead

Snüz SnuzPod 2 3-in-1 Bedside Crib

Brand: Snüz
Cost: £179.95 from John Lewis
Dimensions: H95 x W42 x L100cm
Weight: 18kg
Material: Beech wood
Age: Suitable from birth
Colours: White, dove grey, natural, espresso, putty, sherbet and blush 

The Snüz SnuzPod 2 is a bedside crib with 3 functions: a bedside crib for safe co-sleeping; a stand-alone crib and a lift-off bassinet (similar to a moses basket type crib) for daytime naps. 

+ I love that this crib comes in white as it’s fresh and can compliment most bedroom interiors. 
+ Modern, clean design rather than bulky, looks-out-of-place baby paraphernalia. 
+ It’s made from wood and appears quite sturdy.
+ The zip-down fabric side wall means it’s a safe co-sleeping alternative.
+ Good for breastfeeding at night and feeling like the baby is close.
+ The see through window is breathable but it also means that baby can see out of it. 
+ The height can be adjusted from 37-58cm which means it will fit most bed heights.
+ It conveniently comes with a mattress. 
+ The bassinet comes off and can be used for daytime naps (I won’t but it’s still a positive).
+ The stand is rockable and there’s a handy storage shelf underneath it.

– I can imagine (and have read) that the white mesh fabric is hard to remove and clean. 
– I want this crib to last more than one child and it may not stay in pristine condition.
– Although the bassinet is a positive, I’m not sure I’ll use it or need it. 
– The sleepyhead will fit but it will be snug. 
– It only lasts up to 6 months, in which case a normal cot could be more cost effective.
– As above, after 6 months the baby would need to transition to a cot. 

Initial impression: For me, I would only purchase this if I am certain I’ll breastfeed – the white wood design I love and the functionality of a zip-side make it ideal. However, if I planned on using it as a standalone crib, I don’t think it’s worth the money – there are plenty of cots that will last longer and take away the need to transition to a different sleeping space. 

Chicco Next To Me Crib circle grey drop down sides co sleeping safely fits sleepyhead

Chicco Next To Me Crib

Brand: Chicco
Cost: Circle grey £189; Dove £179; Dreams delicacy £229
Dimensions: H93 x W81 x D66cm
Weight: 8kg
Material: Unsure but I’ve read it’s plastic?
Age: Suitable from birth
Colours: Circle grey, dove and dreams delicacy 

The Chicco Next2me side sleeping crib is another bedside option that offers a removable side making it perfect for sleeping close to the baby without the need to share the same bed.

+ It’s lightweight and will be good for travel (travel bag included).
+ Adjustable to 6 height positions making it fit pretty much most beds.
+ The width of this crib is wider than other bedside cribs making it good for a sleepyhead.
+ Removable side making it perfect for breastfeeding and safe co-sleeping.
+ As baby grows it can also transform into a standalone crib.
+ The bed has folding feet and wheels. 
+ A soft mattress is included with removable and washable lining.
+ It can be attached to your own bed.

– For me the main negative is the design – it looks like a glorified travel cot.
– As with the snuzpod, I would not use it as a standalone crib so it’s only good for co-sleeping.
– Due to the large size, you’ll need specific bedding.
– It only lasts up to 6 months, in which case a normal cot could be more cost effective.
– As above, after 6 months the baby would need to transition to a cot. 

Initial impression: This was my first choice initially as it’s lightweight and will be good for travelling. It’s also quite large and the best size to comfortably fit a sleepyhead. The design lets it down for me so I think I would go with the snuzpod (although the circle grey chicco next to me is also an option as my husband prefers that).

John Lewis Anna Swinging Crib white wooden traditional stylish rocks fits sleepyhead cheap

John Lewis Anna Swinging Crib

Brand: John Lewis
Cost: £59 (currently at this price with 25% off)
Dimensions: L104 x W51 x H82cm
Material: Birch wood 
Age: Suitable from birth
Colours: White

The Anna Swinging Crib from John Lewis is a swinging cradle for newborn babies with a lockable or fixed position option. 

+ I actually like the basic design of this crib; it’s traditional and will suit almost all bedrooms.
+ I love that it can either rock gently or be fixed in one position.
+ The price of the crib itself is low.

– Even though I’ve read that the sleepyhead fits, I think it would be a snuggly fit. 
– I’ve read a few times online where little ones have outgrown it before 6 months.
– You’ll need to purchase a mattress separately making it less cost effective. 
– It would be hard to breastfeed late at night having to lift the baby in and out of the crib.
– A lot of online reviews mentioning a fault with the safety peg.

Initial impression: While I love the simplicity of this swinging crib, I think I would rather spend more money on a cot and use the sleepyhead in that. If you’re looking to save space, it’s a good choice but it’s not great for breastfeeding late at night. I also don’t think it’s value for money when you add up the cost of a mattress.

Final thoughts: I love the snuzpod for its design, the chicco next to me crib for the size and the swinging crib for its simplicity. I’m still undecided but my favourite at the moment is the snuzpod, despite quite a few friends recommending the chicco next to me.

When I do finally decide on which crib to purchase, and after I’ve used it with the baby for a while, I’ll review it. 




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