I’ve just returned from a really lovely pregnancy massage at Cocoon Nail Spa in Motor City and feel all relaxed, in that blissful can’t-be-bothered-to-do-anything bubble. So, as you can imagine, I definitely recommend the salon!

I received quite a few recommendations for Cocoon from the British Mums Dubai Facebook group, along with a few more luxurious options, but Cocoon is close to where I live on the Ranches so it was perfect to pop to for a little pampering on a Friday afternoon. It’s also my first official day of indefinite maternity leave and I’m starting as I mean to go on 🙂 

Pregnancy Beauty Treatments in Dubai: Prenatal Massage at Cocoon in Motor City

I booked the 90 minute prenatal massage for 350 AED using the Entertainer as it means I get to have another one for free. Cocoon doesn’t look like anything special when you search it online, I’ll be honest, but I was surprised by how pretty it is inside. I expected a simple nail bar but It’s all white and calming with candles and a spa-like feel to it.

The massage room is cosy with candles and relaxing music, and the prenatal massage therapist was super cute. I spent the first hour in silence and just switching off but then for the last 30 minutes we didn’t stop talking and laughing. 

The first hour was spent on each side (with a comfy pillow between my legs and bump) while she worked on my legs, back and shoulders. I say worked on as she really did work on the knots in my shoulders! I was then on my back for the last 30 minutes which I was unsure about – I mean, we’ve all heard that us pregnant ladies shouldn’t sleep on our back. So I put a cushion under it slightly to lift it a bit, much to the amusement of the massage therapist! She then massaged my neck, head and parts of my face – strange but quite nice actually.

Almost 2 hours after stepping in there a little stressed and tired, I left relaxed and ready for a snooze. My tired limbs needed it but I also think it’s a good way to start preparing my body for a water birth, giving me the time to really do nothing and practice relaxing every muscle in my body ready for a human to come out of it!

I recommend Cocoon for a prenatal massage and also their gelish (which I haven’t tried yet but from the perfect fingernails of other ladies in there, I will soon) and genuinely look forward to my next one.



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