We have reached the third trimester, this little baby and I, so here’s my 28-29 week pregnancy update.

His daddy’s twin!

How far along? I am writing this at 28 weeks and 5 days.

Total weight gain: Okay, this is something I am SO HAPPPPY about; I finally weigh more than my pre-IVF weight. If you’ve read my other posts, you’ll know that I weighed just under 9 stone before IVF and went down to 7.5 stone due to hyperemesis. Well I now weigh just over 9 stone and it’s all belly, bum and hips.
Bump: My bump is filling out at the top so much so that the saggy, low bump is becoming rounder.
Maternity clothes? I’ve started to look at nursing underwear so maybe I’ve skipped the whole ‘maternity wear’ phase and will go straight to ‘new mum’ clothes. My husband has gone on and on about me buying a maternity pillow and I’ve put it off but last week I gave in and my gosh, it actually does help. I should have listened to him sooner šŸ™‚
Stretch marks? Not that I can see any but I can’t see under my bump without looking in a mirror so, you know, they could be there somewhere. 
Sleep: Iā€™m still sleeping well and only occasionally wake up once or twice in the night. Nothing to complain about there. On the topic of sleep though, I recently attended a workshop on sleep – yup, sleep for babies, and it was fascinating to learn how much sleep a baby needs, what bad sleeping habits to avoid and tips on implementing a calm, sleeping environment. By soaking up all the info beforehand, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to help my baby adapt to a good sleeping pattern from early on – for him and for me!
Best moment this week: Another baby scan, that’s our 8th scan now! He literally looks like his daddy’s twin, really, they have the same nose and features. Baby is also weighing 1.2kg which is a perfect weight for this stage of pregnancy so I’m one happy mama. I’ve also booked a hospital to give birth in with an OB/GYN that supports my decision to have a water birth. Of course I’m aware that anything could go wrong and the whole birthing experience is unpredictable but he’s still happy for me to try it and for that, I’m positive I picked the right doctor. He’s also straight talking which I appreciate as when I’m in that zone of don’t-mess-with-me-there’s-a-human-trying-to-come-out, I want someone to tell me how it is, not go all fluffy on me. 
Miss anything? No. For once I’m just really content with my pregnancy bubble.
Movement: Baby is moving a lot. A week or so ago he didn’t really move much for a few days and a pregnant friend suggested drinking coke or something sweet. Well, it worked alright. He hasn’t stopped kicking since and has been active all week. He’s also now found space above my belly button, going up to under my breast bone. When I bend down it’s like he feels squashed and gives a little poke to remind me to give him space, kinda like a popping sensation! 
Food cravings: Cereal. I eat so much cereal for breakfast, lunch and even after dinner. Juicy peaches too. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Tuna. I ate tuna pasta for lunch last week and immediately thought I’d vom everywhere. Then the next day after opening the fridge and smelling tuna, it was like hyperemesis came back all over again – I gagged and had to run from the smell. 
Gender: A boy.
Symptoms: I have an intense aching pain in my bum/lower back and can’t walk, sit or do anything properly. It’s bad. I’ve been referred to a physio so here’s hoping they’ll help! Other than that, my body has become sensitive to heat, to the point my face burns up if air con is off for more than 5 minutes. 
Belly button in or out? Just about in.
Exercise: Nothing – my back pain means I can’t do anything.
Wellbeing: I’ll be honest, my emotions have been running high the past week. HORMATIONAL.I think it’s a combination of actually having the time to take in this whole pregnancy thing now that I’m not working and just that my hormones are in overdrive. Either way, I could cry at anything. Watching Suits? I cried. Husband talking to baby? I cried. Seeing a photo of happy memories? Yep, you got it, I cried. It’s more of a ‘oh I’m just so happy and lucky and I can’t deal with it’ feeling. Although the last few days I’m becoming more myself and can happily say that the straight talking bitch is back šŸ™‚ Joking aside, I’ve been less emotional the past few days. 
Wedding rings on or off? On. 
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy but piss me off and I can snap like there’s no tomorrow. My poor husband šŸ™‚ No, in all seriousness, I’m really content and happy. I’ve been to baby groups, made a few friends and have just been enjoying not having anything to do. It feels good to relax for sure.
Looking forward to: I’ve bought a lot more baby stuff from the UK and will have it collected in the next week or two so that’s quite exciting. My elephant grass moses basket will also arrive with it which I’m so excited about – it was my ‘splurge’ item. Other than that, I’m taking my husband for dinner to celebrate his big 32nd birthday so that will be an excuse to dress up!



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