Petits Secrets

Petits Secrets

I first came across Petits Secrets on Twitter and instantly fell in love with the designs. Each item is handmade using up-cycled fabrics, so whatever you buy will be eco-friedly and one of a kind. They currently have a collection of knickers, tops and eye masks which you can order and buy online for really reasonable prices, although as the sale is on the number of matching sets is limited. I guess they are waiting to bring out the new line.

Anyway, the combination of soft satin fabrics with flirty bows, ribbons and sashes are so beautiful. You can go for sexy black ribbon knickers, a feminine and floral style or even glitzy sequin knickers!! The tops are my favourite part of the collection as they offer something so different to any other lingerie brand. I love the Mae bra top, shown above, which is decorated with cream chiffon flowers and a satin ribbon bow on the back. If I wasn’t on a serious saving mission, I would be buying this!!

Another part of the brand which sets them apart from others is a bespoke service, where they can design and produce underwear garments from any clothing that you provide – which means you could have a gorgeous lace or sequin dress/top and have it made into an underwear cami or bra – personalised just for you! I love this idea and may use the service for my wedding underwear!

So, who are they? The London lingerie brand was created in 2011 by Céline Bakshi – which I love for two reasons. They are a fairly new brand with fun, innovative ideas and secondly, it’s always good to support and celebrate British-based businesses! You can see their lookbook online at You will also find them on Twitter @petitssecretsCB.

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