Dr Organic Skincare Products

With skincare I always plan to buy organic products but when it comes to it, that’s rarely the case! So I was really pleased with this Dr. Organic gift set I received at Christmas from my little brother and sister.

So, let’s start with the Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Body Souffle (£9.29). This promises to moisturise, smooth and revitalise and it really does! It’s packed full of organic goodness from coconut oil and aloe vera to papaya and mango extract and has left my skin super soft.  Although I highly recommend the actual product and it has a delicious coconut scent, the packaging annoys me! As it’s in a tub I have to scoop my fingers in and no matter how much I try not to, I seem to constantly get lotion in my fingernails.

Next up is the Organic Moroccon Argan Oil Bath & Massage Oil (£9.99), which is described as a: hydrating, anti-aging, regenerating oil that restores and balances the skin and senses. I love argan oil so I had high hopes for this product and again, it’s amazing. I’ve been massaging every other day over my neck and on my thighs – the neck to help with anti-aging and thighs to stop cellulite appearing! I don’t see much of a glow but it’s definitely working magic on my skin, leaving it feeling really soft and hydrated! You can get a lot out of this product and it will last ages so definitely a worthy investment. As for stimulating the senses? Well, I can’t vouch for that part.

With the Organic Dead Sea Mineral Hand & Nail Treatment (£6.99) you are supposed to apply this to your hands before putting on the Bamboo Cotton Moisturising Gloves and wear overnight. I did try to wear the gloves but must have taken them off in my sleep! Regardless, I have continued to use the hand cream (although it has a fancy name, let’s face it, it’s a hand cream) and can definitely feel a difference. Even with the harsh cold weather my hands feel much softer than before. Perhaps I’ll try the gloves again – that’s if they don’t scare my boyfriend off!

Lastly, a body brush came with the set but I haven’t used it yet!

Overall I am really pleased with this gift set but buying them separately I would only buy the body soufflé and body oil. There are so many other hand creams on the market that probably have a nicer scent!

I can’t find the gift set online so I have put the individual price for each product next to the name and you can buy all of them from Holland & Barrett. I also recommend browsing the Dr. Organic website as it shows the whole range and explains the properties of each main ingredient.

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